Hi, I'm Kevin!


I'm a life long member of retail and hospitality. I'm an average guy that strives to produce above average results. During my career I've held various leadership positions and made all of the mistakes.  Luckily along the way I learned how valuable systems are and how they help individuals become cohesive teams.  Through this, I've been able to help many of my teammates discover their true potential and develop successful careers in retail. I wanted to help more people and that's why I started Grass Roots Leadership!

Here's How We Can Help

Grass Roots Leadership will teach you the skills to take care of yourself first so that you can take care of others.  We take you through a proven and repeatable process of self development and self responsibility.  This will allow you to reduce stress at work and at home.  You will develop the skills to accomplish the dreams that you thought you had to leave behind and will experience growth personally and professionally.