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I am a retail and hospitality veteran. Now I help MANAGERS become LEADERS through Grass Root Leadership! I learned how to stop allowing the job to own my life while teaching others to grow their careers.  Join us and start your journey to personal excellence!

I struggled for years trying to please everyone else and never making anyone happy.

I've had many great mentors and a couple bad bosses along the way.  The good news is...... no matter who your boss is you can learn something from them. 

Sometimes you learn what to do, sometimes you learn what NOT to do. 

The breakthrough happened when I learned to focus on my own personal excellence.  After all that's all we can truly control. 

With Grass Roots Leadership I'm able to share my mistakes, systems for success, and build a community of retail and hospitality leaders that can not only survive but THRIVE!

Now my wife and I have been able to grow our finances, build a career instead of just having a job, and help others reach their true potential.

Over the last 25 years I have learned how to created cohesive winning teams while also becoming my best self.  It didn't start that way.  I started out like many others, working 80 hours per week, no time for my personal wellness, being an ineffective leader, and not seeing any way to break the cycle.

Restaurants and Retail can be a run away train.  You can get on and feel like you can never get off.

I wanted to: 

  • Lead others like I wanted to be led
  • Accomplish my own life goals
  • Be  financially and fiscally fit

Now, I've developed a well balanced career and personal life.

I have been blessed to have great mentors that have believed in me.

I have also been blessed with a mind that builds systems.

The two of those have helped me to build successful teams and leaders that excel and love their work!

All of that is thanks to Grass Roots Leadership!



The greatest pride in my life is helping others succeed.

I've "hit the numbers" and produced the results but it means nothing if I'm not building those around me.

I search out ways to share my knowledge.  In spreading the knowledge I noticed that people became happier at work.

Ultimately, people want to take pride in what they do but all too often their managers are not leaders and don't invest the time to see their team succeed.

By setting clear expectations and creating a standard for excellence this allowed time for mentorship. I was able to experience a work day that I loved and those around me began to love it also.

When I've moved onto a new position or a new store the former team always expressed that they miss my standards and commitment to education.

This became my calling.  I understand that most downfalls in companies arent' bad people,  it's bad training and bad expectations which can create bad managers.

I've been able to develop processes that carry over into any restaurant and retail environment. With these processes I've seen my teammates develop a career that they never thought was possible.

Now with the Grass Roots Leadership program you can get the jumpstart you desire to better yourself and your team!


 It was time to take a leap.  I know there are others out there like me.  I'm just an average guy with an above average work ethic and dreams like you.

I compiled my years of mistakes and successes to create the Grass Roots Leadership program.

There's no secret, there's just people that don't want to put in the work and effort. If you're looking for a quick solution this isn't for you.

BUT, if you're looking to make lasting changes to your personal life, your health, and your career then this is for you.

Join a community of likeminded people looking to better themselves all willing to share best practices in the hopes of changing the face of restaurants and retail.

You will get a step by step program for building you and your team.  It's something that will help you find your personal excellence and become a Grass Roots Leader!

You can get full access to this plus the bonus materials and trainings as they are added in the Grass Roots Leadership program!


Imagine You Could... 


Develop a focused daily routine that eliminates the chaos that creates stress


Don't just work a job.  Develop the skills to build a career.  Be someone that excels in your organization.


Learn the daily habits that create long term financial independence.


Grass Roots Leadership


 We take our students through the exact path we walked to accomplish personal excellence and happiness!



Yes, I Want This>>>


Stop breaking promises to yourself!  Put yourself first and accomplish your goals without feeling guilty.

Gain the skillset to achieve personal excellence personally and professionally.

Implement the systems that will develop a cohesive winning team at work.

But this is not just another course you take on your own! 

You Are Not Alone

Grass Roots Leadership ia an interactive and collaborative experience!

You will join others Retail & Hospitality Managers who are looking to beat the system and become true leaders.

Imagine being surrounded by people who cared about your success...

Who cheer you on when you win...

Pick you up when you fall...

Hold you accountable... 

A group of people on a mission to take control of their lives, change their destiny and become financially successful!

When You Join The Grass Roots Leadership, You Will Get Instant Access To:


  • Daily access to Community Forums - The Forums are the heartbeat of the Community. Ask other members questions, get answers, and accountability! It's a virtual Mastermind!
  • The Grass Roots Leadership Training Modules -  The modules start with building you.  Dive in and start changing your life today!
  • Weekly Co-Working sessions - come hang out with other members and get work done, share best practices, and have informal conversations about your current challenges
  • Monthly Members Only Call - Come hang out with Kevin and special guests as we cover topics our members are currently facing and how to overcome them.


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"Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream!" Dexter Yeager


I've turned my struggles into an easy-to-follow system to help you thrive and not just survive!

Scroll and read more to learn how you can unlock happiness and excellence!



Learn how to Focus on You! We have curated our best content for you, and have organized it into a simple to follow step-by-step course!

Connect with our community! Ask questions, get answers, and have fun in our community forums. They are open 24/7/365. Never go it alone again!

Get unlimited accountability with our monthly Q&A calls! Each month you can join us from the comfort of your own home, ask us anything!

The Exact Step-By-Step Process To Become a Leader (Just Like I Did)

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"Our goal is to help you achieve personal excellence so that you can experience what life truly has to offer. We want you to have freedom! Your next step, is to join Grass Root Leadership online membership community today!

Kevin K.
Founder, Grass Roots Leader

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